Vending Business

The vending business can be a very lucrative form of business.

It has the following advantages:

  1. No fixed overhead or on-site employees

  2. Flexible work schedules

  3. High profit margins, repeat business and new business

The two main components of a successful vending business are:

  1. Location

  2. Product

The Smoothie Vending Machine (SVM) has advantages over all other vending machines for both of these components:

  1. No location already has a smoothie vending machine so there is no overcrowding or competition.

  2. Smoothies are unique compared to all other vending products. Again, there is no competition.

How the Smoothie Vending Machine is different:

       With a capacity of 150 smoothies, straws and cups, you can still enjoy life without being on site 8 + hours a day.

       The touchscreen displays a great variety of recipes along with its nutritional information, and allows a customer to select their preferred smoothie. It also displays digital advertising, generating a new source of income for the Smoothie vending operators.

SVMs are connected to the internet for remote monitoring using cloud management for revenue, inventory and service issues. This connects to any computer, laptop or smart phone for easy access for the operator.


With its unique Bag in Box system, it makes restocking the SVM simple and quick. Each bag in box holds 5L of Fruit Puree. It requires No Refrigeration when sealed and stored in a room temperature environment until open for consumer consumption.


 The SVM does not currently make its own ice, therefore it does not need a plumbing connection. Bags of ice will need to be brought in by the operator. 


 The SVM maintence is simple. All that is required is to thoroughly clean all components of machine, reminded to the operator through the operator manual. Restocking all fruit, cups, straws, ice etc. are brought to attention of the operator through the cloud service.

         The SVM is a self contained unit. It requires 2 120 Volt plugs. No water lines are used as the unit has 2 holding tanks. One 20L fresh water and one 20L waste water tank.

One of the many opportunities of the SVM is its 100% portability!  
You are not obliged to be nailed down to one location. With it's plug n play capabilities the SVM can be seen by many different consumers by being transported to many different types of locations.

Join The Smoothie Revolution

Start Planning Your SVM business today. The market is waiting for those who want to be in on a great opportunity.