Smoothie Vending Machine


A New Revolution in Vending

Canada's first smoothie vending machine!

The Smoothie Vending Machine serves fruit puree created from whole fresh fruit along with crushed ice and stevia, a natural plant non- calorie sweetener. There is no added sugar or other chemicals. 

The SVM contains a vacuum sealed bag of 100% fruit puree in a bag inside a box system  that fits inside a slot to dispense at the touch of a button. The possibilities are endless, whatever you can imagine can be brought to life in a freshly made 16 oz. smoothie.

Our fruit is sun ripened and naturally harvested. The whole fruit is then cleansed and processed by removing the outer shell, seeds, and other non-fruit items. The remaining whole fruit is then pasteurized and crushed into a natural puree which is immediately transferred into a vacuum sealed bag.

The SVM is a self contained unit.

Automatic Cup and Straw

 Plastic cups are automatically dispensed into the holding slot. Straws are also automatically dispensed with each drink.

Self-Cleansing System

The SVM blender is thoroughly flushed and cleansed with two rinse cycles after each drink.  This ensures you get a fresh delicious smoothie every time.

The unique bag in box system ensures that no air gets into the product. This means that no bacteria can accumulate in the system, this results in consuming a fresh smoothie each order.